The Osenoir Story

The Osenoir story started when Dr Rebecca Akhigbe, a medical General Practitioner, decided to indulge her long-standing sartorial passion. Having grown up in Nigeria, though now relocated in Scotland, her adoptive country for over 30 years, she is no stranger to the vibrant colors and patterns in African clothing.

Nor for that matter the tendency of people of her generation to strike out on their own and do things differently.

Even as a university student, it was not unheard of to see Dr Akhigbe to break away from tradition by shunning ready-to-wear off-the-shelf garments and opting instead to buy materials of her choice and design, before heading off to have them tailored in a design of her choice.

Quite naturally, she began to turn heads.

 At a time when people were increasingly trying to express themselves in a variety of ways, Dr Akhigbe decided she could both whet this all-consuming passion of the average person for expression and simultaneously fulfil her love for fashion, while nurturing her entrepreneurial calling.

The result was Osenoir – a range of fashion garments exclusively created around African prints and designs.

Over time, Osenoir expanded its range to include fashion accessories and lifestyle products for all ages and genders.

Today with its manufacturing centers in the USA, UK and the Far East, and a global customer database, Osenoir stands apart from its competitors, in the all too rare segment of African fashion. And true to its founder’s calling, it looks to renew itself continually, and bring its ever-expanding customer list, the very best that African fashion has to offer.