Our Vision


Our Goal

  • To excel in the field of fashion and home living products and evolve to a position of market leader in its segment,
  • To be recognized as a unique and distinguished global Fashion House of choice across all customer demographics for products imbued with the spirit of Africa
  • To be regarded highly in the fashion industry for our ethical standards, and commitment to our customers, associates, society and the environment.

Our Task

To set ourselves apart as a Fashion House that delivers fashion garments, accessories and home living products of the highest quality, compliant with contemporary manufacturing  standards and optimized for value.

We shall accomplish this by:

  • Ensuring our products reflect the use of ‘best-in-class’ fabric and other materials, and are developed using state-of-the-art machines, with due attention to customer specifications, fashion trends and comfort.
  • Ensuring our designs optimally reflect the spirit of Africa.
  • Pursuing excellence and superior delivery across all our products.

Our Obligations

  • To our customers firstly, by ensuring quality African-print garments and other products, characterized by their uniqueness, longevity, good fashion sense and value for money.
  • To be open, responsive and professionally committed to the needs of our customers and prove ourselves to be a reliable and dependable Fashion House and partner.
  • Not to compromise on our integrity and purpose, and to display dignity and mutual respect in our dealings with all our associates.
  • To be a socially-responsible company and discharge our responsibilities towards safety and the environment, through best practices in the field of manufacture, production and distribution of our products.

Our Relationships

  • We firmly believe that the spirit of Africa is embodied in our products, has its genesis in our team of artisans who inspire us with designs from the grassroot African villages. All our policies and practices therefore incorporate the 3 R’s – Reward, Respect and Recognition.
  • We are convinced our customers ensure our success. Consequently, we place very high emphasis on customer satisfaction and customer relationships. Our customer policies are friendly and easy to understand
  • We place high emphasis on our relationships with all our associates, including our suppliers, vendors, agencies and employees. We therefore regard fair play and trust as important parameters in our ongoing efforts at cooperation.
  • We recognise the importance, position, capabilities and contributions of our competitors in the field of African-print fashion, and are committed to cooperating with them, where deemed ethical and mutually-beneficial.