The O in Osenoir


The Osenoir logo represents the elements of our brand. 

Uniquely shaped, the O, with its sharply-defined folds, are representative of African couture free-flowing lines and clear, well-accentuated lines. Ose is African for beautiful. 

Our logo symbolizes the mystery and allure of Africa through the color black (hex  #000000). Noir is French, and universally representative of the color black. 

While the O is foreseen as an exclamation of surprise and amazement on observing the vibrant African prints on Osenoir products, the ‘I’ within (the O) is representative of the unique choice of the consumer and his or her decision to make a conscious fashion statement in choosing Osenoir. 

Our logo is a registered trademark of the House of Osenoir, and cannot be used in print or electronic format, without our prior consent.  Failure to comply with this directive will invite legal action, if seen fit.