September 03, 2022 3 min read

Eyeshadow is such a fun makeup discipline to experiment with.There are so many different techniques, colours, brushes and products out there the possibilities are endless! If you’re looking for some summer eyeshadow looks to recreate, here are some colourful ideas you should definitely check out!
  1. Pink lids

Although this look may be simple, the beautiful pink hues on the lid pack some pigment and send off some real summer vibes. Not to mention, the subtle blend around the edges really brings it all together. Here’s what you’ll need:

 - Eyeshadow primer or concealer
 - Bright pink (matte) eyeshadow
- Flat eyeshadow brush  
- Fluffy eyeshadow blending brush 
 - Mascara (optional)
-  Highlighter


You want to start by taking your eyeshadow primer or concealer and applying it over the lid, making sure to blend it out smoothly with your fingers. Next, take your flat brush with some of the pink eyeshadow and pat this onto the lid, starting from the centre and working out to the crease. Once you have covered the lid, take the fluffy brush and use it to blend the eyeshadow out around the crease. Finish with highlight in the inner corners and brow bones as well as some optional mascara.

 2. Orange ‘eyeliner’

This eye look is so easy, and has a sleek, fierce effect by framing the eyes in a certain way. You don’t actually need a bright eyeliner – just an eyeshadow – and you can use any color for it, but orange really pops. You’ll need:

- A concealer (it can be any shade, but a lighter one helps the eyeshadow stand out more)                 
- A bright eyeshadow                             
- An angled brush                   
- Mascara

To begin, take some of your concealer and put some on the back of your hand, so you can use a different brush to apply it to your eye. Use the angled brush to draw a wing on the outside of your eye using the concealer and bring the ‘eyeliner’ forward so that it comes into your inner corner and finishes slightly  across the lower lash line. All you need to do now is let the concealer dry and go over the line you’ve made with your eyeshadow and finish of with some mascara. If you want to go a little further, you could try matching the colour of the mascara with the eyeshadow, to make it pop even more!

3. Blue and yellow gradient

The fade between the blue and yellow is such a good combination and the lime green crease really highlights that. Just like the other looks, you can adapt this look however suits you,

But here’s how to recreate it with:                                         
- Concealer or a cut-crease base                                         
- Lime green matte eyeshadow                               
- Yellow matte eyeshadow       
- Blue matte eyeshadow           
- Eyeshadow crease brush       
- Eyeshadow blending brush   
- Flat eyeshadow brus             
- Mascara or false lashes   

Starting with the lime green crease, take some of the shadow on the crease brush and blend it along your crease, following the shapes and contours of the eye. Use the flat eyeshadow brush with the concealer to cover the lid, making a sharp line at the edge which meets the crease. On the outer corner of the eyelid, pat on some of the blue eyeshadow and do the same on the inner corner with the yellow, getting closer to the middle until they meet. Finally, blend the two colours together and make sure they make sharp, defined lines along the edges of the concealer. Add mascara or false lashes and voila!

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